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Thematic Lines

  1. Design of integrated circuits, electronic systems and equipment, configurable hardware and virtual instrumentation.
    • Design of high performance integrated circuits.
    • Methodologies and tools for designing.
    • High level electronic design.
    • Integrated circuits with programmable functioning.
    • ASICs and integrated circuits with configurable architecture.
    • Development of embedded systems.
    • Hardware/software Codesign. Intellectual properties (IP) modules.
    • Open source (SWL) platforms and applications.
    • Electronic applications for ICTs.
    • Electronic design for increasing energetic efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  2. Sensors and their applications.
    • Sensors and micro – nanoelectronic devices.
    • Microsystems.
    • Signal conditioners and sensors instrumentation.
    • Sensors for industrial applications.
    • Contributions to energy saving and environmental protection.
  3. Emergent alternative technologies for manufacturing devices, micro and nanoelectronic sensors.
    • Alternatives technologies different from silicon technology for obtaining electronic devices and systems.
  4. Electronic, microelectronic and nanoelectronic teaching.
    • Technical instruction.
    • Higher education: before and after graduation.
    • Laboratory experiences.
    • Health applications.

Organizing Committee

PhD. Eng. Enrique Ernesto Valdés Zaldivar
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PhD. Eng. Agnes S. Nagy 
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Eng. Iliover Vega Gonzalez
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Eng. Leonardo César Vega Gómez
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Ing. Daniel Alejandro Lazo Tamayo
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Scientific Committee

PhD. Eng. Alicia Polanco Risquet
Phone Number: (+53)72663049
Movil: (+53) 54145310

Datos de Contacto

Enrique Ernesto Valdés Zaldivar

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