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Participation will formalized through the Participation Request Contract form, via the Palco Group representatives in foreign territory or directly at PABEXPO Fairgrounds, this has to be done before the 30 days previous to the Fair's beginning. In order to obtain the participant condition in this Fair it is essential that the Participation Request Contract be approved and signed by the Organizer. 

In order to confirm the reservation, the requester must pay 50% of the contracted space when making the participation request. The payment of the remaining 50%, the hired services and the furniture must be done at least 20 days before the Fair's beginning.

Exhibitors must fill in the form with all the data requested in it, including the stands scheme otherwise, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the failure of any of the requirements provoked by the requester. Every change in the distribution of panels or any other element related to the mounting of the stands will be charged additionally, in accordance to the complexity of this process and the proximity Fair's opening. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make any changes on the location of the spaces when necessary.


In the Participation Request Contract form the furniture and the services needed by have to be specified by the exhibitor, as well as the stand scheme for the mounting process. If any request is received once the mounting stage has already started, a 20% surcharge will be added to the price.


  1. Payments through bank transferences and checks should be addressed to:

    • Holder: Empresa Organizadora de Congresos, Ferias y Exposiciones

    • Account Number: 0300000004714029

    • Bank Name: Banco Financiero Internacional BFI

    • Bank address: 5th Ave. and 92nd street corner, Playa

  2. Payments in cash or through traveler's checks in convertible Cuban pesos (CUC) or credit card (VISA International, MASTERCARD, CABAL o BFI) are to be done directly at PABEXPO's Finances Department.

 All the rates are expressed in convertible Cuban pesos (CUC), that's why the exhibitor has to be updated about the current exchange rates in Cuba. Payment in U.S. dollars (USD) will not be accepted.

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