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Jesús Martinez Alonso

SITRANS Director
Currículum Vitae: 

Systems Engineer at the Polytechnic of Lviv, Ukraine, 1981. Master of Science specialized in Computer Networks and Internet with studies in International Network Administration in Canada. He directed the initial project of connecting Cuba to the Internet in the Ministry of Science and Technology. Founder of the Informatics and INFO Congresses that are celebrated in Cuba. He has been a consultant, lecturer and panelist in international conferences and meetings in Cuba and in more than 15 countries. Founder of LACNIC (Registry of Internet Addresses for Latin America and the Caribbean) and Internet Pioneer of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. He currently directs the Transnet WAN Network of the Ministry of Transport and is an active collaborator of LACNIC and the Frida Program (Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean). He is a juror of the FRIDA and Trajectory Awards, which distinguish applications and outstanding people in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. He has received two international recognitions from LACNIC for the contributions made to the development of the Internet.