Informatics Havana 2022

Information and Communication Technologies in Organizational Management

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22 de March de 2022

The participants in the panel “ICTs in Organizational Management” discussed Information Technologies, profitability, and their contribution to the development and economic sustainability in the country, as well as digital transformation.

Precisely, in the current context, it is urgent to articulate in the ecosystem of new technologies, where each member of the process plays a role so that the results of the industry can multiply, together with innovation in government management.

In his intervention in the panel, Yanio Hernández Heredia, professor at the Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas, spoke of the need for an adjustment in the curricula of those careers related to technologies, and for this purpose international recommendations should be consulted for the updating of those curricula, not only in undergraduate but also in postgraduate programs.

“Only with the training and development of professional competencies will it be possible to carry out the digital transformation in Cuba,” he emphasized.

In addition, he insisted on the importance of the study of new emerging academic disciplines such as the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing, Blockchain, Robotics, and Quantum Computing.

On the other hand, the panelists talked about the importance of the new actors of the economy in the field of ICTs and the role of Technology Parks in that aspiration to do science supported by the National Innovation Council, created in December 2021.

In fact, Cuba assumes new precepts that lead it towards digital transformation and the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of citizens is at the center of the actions.

For these reasons, the idea that Cuban citizens need digital capabilities and confidence to succeed in a rapidly changing environment and use ICTs consciously and creatively emerged at the meeting. All of them from an inclusive approach.

Under the slogan Together for digital transformation, the 18th International Convention and Fair Informática 2022 will be held until March 25 in hybrid mode.

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