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Winning projects and solutions of the Contest Panorama de las TIC en Cuba 2020

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29 de July de 2021

Due to the current global epidemiological situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Convention and Fair Informática 2020 was postponed; nevertheless, the contest “Panorama de las TIC en Cuba” selected the winning projects and solutions, that belong to this event.

Here we present the 31 selected projects and solutions:

aiBalan: Constructive Balance System of Cuba from the AICROS company

Management System for Slowly Moving Inventory from the IT Marketing Company (CEDIPAD)

Consumer Management System from the IT Marketing Company (CEDIPAD)

Virtual Educational Advisor from Cinesoft

Automation of the Temporal Immersion System at the “La Montaña” Development Center from the “El Salvador” municipality, from Copextel

Tools to design and study Photovoltaic Systems connected to electric networks, from Copextel

“Correos móvil” for smartphones with the Android OS, from the Correos de Cuba Business Group

Solutions of Robotics – Palmiche, a Cuban robot, from the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE)

Online Store integrated to Transfermóvil as a payment gateway , from Datacimex

IT Platform for Integral Statistical Control. APlus, from DATAZUCAR

Technological Solutions for smart reading of ID Cards, from Datys

e-Government: DESOFT Integrated Platform for the Computerization of Cuban Society

ERP Odoo (LC) and IoT Platform, Solutions Management of Entrepreneurial Resources and Interconnected Objects

BIMAS: Executive System for Monitoring Organizational Strategies, from DESOFT

Cuban Network of Science, from CITMATEL

Transfermóvil, developed at the Mobile Services Division from ETECSA

Andariego Fénix, from the GEOCUBA Business Group

Andariego Vial, from the GEOCUBA Business Group

Internet management system ZUNnt (GET)

Cuba Travel Portal (GET)

The eLTE network as part of the Computerization of Cuban Society, from Movitel

System of Telemedicine + Digital Medical Records, from Softel

Habanatrans 2.4: Application to provide Information about Public Transportation in Havana (Private Developer)

Logistics System for the Fuels of CUPET, from TECNOMATICA

Cuban Websites Monitor, from the University of Computer Science (UCI)

Cuban Internet Platforms, projects executed by ETECSA and UCI

Metrocontador, from the Central University of “Las Villas” (UCLV)

Implementation of the Procedures Management System for Housing and Habitat in Villa Clara (UCLV – Xetid)

Enabling digital transformation in the cultural sector , Cuban Union of IT Specialists (UIC)

“Bienestar” platform for e-Government and civic interaction, from Xetid

e-Commerce and Financial Transactions Platform EnZona, from Xetid

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