Informática Habana 2022


Dr. C. Omar Correa Madrigal

The professor was graduated in graduation 2007 of Informatics Sciences University (UCI), Havana, Cuba. PhD. in 2015 he is a  researches in topics of Graphic Visualization and Virtual Reality and leader of the research’s line Visualization and Virtual Reality since 2011. He teaches themes related Programming discipline, essentially those related to Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence. Professor of the Virtual Reality postgraduate program and Master's Degree on Advanced Computing.

He has carried out projects in the field of Serious Games focused on the treatment of affections such as Amblyopia, Motor Disabilities and Neurosis. He has also participated in the development of Car Driving Simulators, Decision Making Tools in Fire Evacuation Processes and applications for Three-Dimensional Digital Art. In the last two years he has worked as a producer of five video games for the Cuban Videogame Industry. As part of these projects, he has worked on specific topics such as: Procedural Generation of Virtual Environments, Graphic Acceleration Algorithms and Autonomous Virtual Agents.


Informática 2022 concibe la posibilidad de participación en las modalidades presencial y en línea en su Convención Científica y de manera virtual en la Feria Expositiva.
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