Informatics Havana 2022
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High-Level Panel

High-Level Panel: Digital Transformation, challenges and hurdles

Moderadores / Moderator

Wilfredo González Vidal

First Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications, Republic of Cuba

Wilfredo González Vidal is First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Cuba. Previously he was Vice Minister of the Ministry of Communications and Vice President of Information Technologies at the Telecommunications Company of Cuba S. A. (ETECSA). He was the Coordinator of the interministerial working group for the analysis and proposal of the Comprehensive Policy for the improvement of the Computerization of society in Cuba. He holds Diplomas in Defense and National Security from the National Defense College, and Public Administration from the Higher School of State and Government Cadres of Cuba. He is an Automation Engineer from the Technological University of Havana "José Antonio Echevarría".

Panelistas / Panelists

Mayra Arevich

Minister, Ministry of Communications, Republic of Cuba

Mayra Arevich Marín is a Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Minister of Communications of the Republic of Cuba. Previously, she served as Executive President of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA). Before that, she assumed multiple responsibilities within the Cuban telecommunications company ETECSA. She was Vice President of the City of Havana, Manager of the Havana City Network Branch, Deputy Chief Manager of the Regional Management Supervision Center and Head of the Metropolitan Regional Management and Supervision Center guaranteeing the Management and Intervention of the Communications Networks of the city of Havana. She holds a Master's degree in Telematics Engineering from the Technological University of Havana "José Antonio Echevarría" and a Diploma in Public Administration from the Higher School of Cadres of the State and Government of Cuba. She is a telecommunications engineer from the Technological University of Havana "José Antonio Echevarría".

Sr. Warren Mc Coy

Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, Guyana

The Honorable Warren Kwame Eusi Mc Coy is a member of Guyana's 12th Parliament and Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information and Public Affairs. With over two decades of expertise in media and strategic communication, Minister Mc Coy has held significant roles, including Communication Coordinator/Press Liaison in the Office of the President. Among his most notable achievements are the founding the National Youth Parliament and the establishing of the Caribbean’s first National Media and Communication Academy. Holding a Master of Political Marketing and certifications in media ethics, journalism, and crisis communication, Minister McCoy focuses on modernizing state media, expanding government communication, and enhancing citizen-government connections through communication and community engagement strategies.

Sr. Vladimir Terán

Executive Director General, Agency for Electronic Government and Information and Communication Technologies – AGETIC, Bolivia

Vladimir Terán is Executive Director General of the Agency for Electronic Government and Information and Communication Technologies – AGETIC. He was National Manager of Information and Communication Technologies at the National Tax Service of Bolivia, a systems consultant in different institutions, and a university professor at several Bolivian universities. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, a Master's degree in Information Systems Management from the Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo and Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Privada Boliviana. He also studied Postgraduate Degrees in Informatics and Computing at the University of Cantabria - Spain, client/server systems design in Japan, and Systems Auditing among other specialties.

Sr. Rodney Taylor

Secretary-General, Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU)

Mr. Rodney Taylor is Secretary-General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) since March 1, 2021. Prior to this, he held senior positions in the Government of Barbados, serving as the Chief Digital Technology Officer at Barbados’ Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology (MIST) where he led the nation's digital transformation, focusing on enhancing public sector service delivery through strategic innovation, science, and SMART technology applications. Additionally, Mr. Taylor served as the Head of the Information Systems Unit at Barbados’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, where he oversaw operations at both local and overseas missions. With over 25 years of professional experience in the Public Sector, Mr. Taylor currently supports collaboration amongst Caribbean Governments and other ICT Stakeholders in shaping regional ICT policies and in implementation of national strategies. Mr. Taylor holds a Masters in Management and Information Systems and a Post-graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management.

Sr. Wayde Watson

Member of the Parliament, Bahamas

Andrei Zarenin is Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Previously, he was Deputy Director General of the Department of Information Technologies of the Government of the Russian Federation. Before that, he served as the Advisor to the Presidential Executive Office, and held senior positions in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation as well as in the Research Institute «Voskhod». He has worked in various positions in the field of information technology and communications on the Russian telecommunications company Vympel-Communications OJSC. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a master’s degree in applied mathematics and physics.

Sr. Andrei Zarenin

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, Russia Federation

Mr. Wayde Watson is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Bains Town and Grants Town in Nassau, The Bahamas. He also serves as the Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with responsibility for Information Communications and Technologies, digitalization, eGovernment and ease of doing Business. Mr. Watson, previously served as the Deputy National Coordinator of Information and Communications Technologies, within the Ministry of Finance, for The Bahamas Government, where he was responsible for leading the implementation of several notable national ICT projects including: the first ePassport system; the modernization of the Road Traffic Department; the first electronic monitoring system, and the implementation of National Health Insurance Information Systems, among many other governmental innovative solutions. Parliamentary Secretary the honourable Mr. Watson also served his country as a police officer, where he was promoted to the rank of police corporal. While serving on the Royal Bahamas Police Force, he obtained an Associates of Arts Degree in Computer Data Processing from the College of The Bahamas - now the University of The Bahamas. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems with a minor in Economics from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and a Master of Business Administration, with special emphasis in Management, from St. Thomas University, in Miami Florida, USA. He has lectured in the School of Business, at the College of The Bahamas, in courses related to Computer Information Systems, Management, Marketing and Economics.

Invitados Especiales / Special Guest

Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella

Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Cuba

Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella is Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba. Previously he was Minister and First Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Communications, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications and member of the Board of Directors of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA). He was also a member of the national committee of the doctorate of electronics and telecommunications of the National Commission of Scientific Degrees of the Ministry of Higher Education, Vice-Rector, Dean and Director of research at the University of Information Science (UCI), and Assistant Professor and Researcher at Center for Research in Microelectronics of the Technological University of Havana. He obtained in 2012 and 2009 Diplomas in Public Administration and Defense and National Security in the Higher School of Cadres of the State and of the Government and in the National Defense College respectively. He conducted a postdoctoral research, in the years 2000 and 2001, in the Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster in Germany which was sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He obtained the titles, in 1999 of PhD in Microelectronics in the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and in 1993 Engineer in Electronics at the Technological University of Havana.

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