Informatics Havana 2022



The Ministry of Communications, the IT and Communications Business Group and the Union of Computer Scientists of Cuba invite you to the 19th edition of the International Convention and Fair Informática 2024 to be held from March 18 to 22, 2024, in its usual venues: Havana Conventions Center and Pabexpo’s Fairgrounds.

On this occasion, the theme of the event will be “For a digital society”, to socialize the results based on research, innovation and collective development, in order to project the importance; the use and capabilities provided by Information and Communication Technologies, in the transition to a digital society with the necessary learning of citizens to take advantage of its benefits.




Eng. Wilfredo González Vidal
Executive President of the Organizing Committee
First Deputy Minister, Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Cuba




Presential participants will be entitled to an accreditation module (credential, event’s memories with ISBN, pen, flash memory, program and information of the event, participant’s diploma and diploma of presentation of the work). Access to all event sessions and access to the Virtual Exhibition Fair and Stand Cuba. Official opening and closing activities, cultural gala and farewell activity. In the case of participants in the virtual modality, they will be sent in digital format the proceedings of the event with ISBN, the program and information of the congress, participant’s diploma and diploma of presentation of the work. In the case of undergraduate students, they must carry a duly signed and stamped letter justifying their student status.

How to take part?

Informática 2024 conceives the possibility of participation in the face-to-face and online modalities at its Scientific Convention and virtually at the Exhibition Fair.

Know the forms of participation in each one.



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