Informatics Havana 2022


Honorary President

Honorary President
Dr. C. Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella
Deputy Prime Minister


MSc. Mayra Arevich Marín
Minister of Communications

Executive President

Executive President
Ing. Wilfredo González Vidal
First Deputy Minister of Communications
General Executive Secretary
MSc. Magda de la Caridad Brito D Toste
General Director of Organization, Planning and Information
President of the Scientific Committee
MSc. Yoandy Lazo Alvarado
Director of Technological Development
Executive Secretary of the Fair
Ing. Ariadne Plasencia Castro
President of the Information Technology and Communications Business Group

Work Groups

Permanent Office
Leynis Lopez Toledo
Specialist from the General Directorate of Organization, Planning and Information
Head of the Sponsorship and International Relations Group
Isabel Greenup Lozada
Director of International Relations and Foreign Trade
Head of the Infrastructure and Technical Support Group
Adrianna Turcaz Sabatela
Head of the Communications Center
Head of the Communication and Promotion Commission
Cecilia Valdés Milián
Director of Institutional Communication
Head of the Culture Group
MSc. Meilam Weng Peña
Head of the Postal Services Department
Head of the Logistics and Assurance Group
MSc. Elen Virginia Palomino Curbelo
Director of the Assurance and Services Unit
Head of the Budget, Treasury and Accounting Group
Rafael Dieguez Lopez
Head of the Budget, Treasury and Accounting Group
Legal Advisor
Liliana Vila Rivalta
Specialist from the Legal Matters Directorate

How to take part?

Informática 2024 conceives the possibility of participation in the face-to-face and online modalities at its Scientific Convention and virtually at the Exhibition Fair.

Know the forms of participation in each one.