Informatics Havana 2022


Dear Sponsors:

From March 18 to 22, 2024, Havana will host the 19th edition of the International Convention and Fair “Informática 2024,” which will be held at the Conventions Center in Havana, Cuba. This is an international event organized by the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Cuba and the Union of Cuban Computer Scientists, which brings together professionals, scientists, technicians, businesspeople, government representatives, representatives of international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the general public, related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Telecommunications, Electronics and Automation.

This event is an advertising opportunity for companies and organizations that wish to position themselves in this sector. By participating as a Sponsor, they will gain reputation, visibility for their brand, they will also be able to build strategic alliances, arrange new businesses, enter other markets, increase the sales of their business, etcetera.


How can you become a sponsor?


The Organizing Committee has conceived a Sponsorship Program of four (4) categories (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze), through which Sponsors are offered benefits and advantages in the event according to the selected category. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to grant the category of PLATINUM SPONSOR to the one who, fulfilling the conditions to be a GOLD SPONSOR, makes an extraordinary additional contribution to the organization of the event. In the case of Sponsorships linked to services that may be offered to the execution of the event, the Organizing Committee will evaluate, together with the Sponsor, the category that should be awarded.


Taking into account the theme of this edition, the sponsors of the 19th International Convention and Fair, “Informática 2024”, with their contribution, will be supporting the socialization of knowledge, technical cooperation and capacity building for the sustainable development of society.



Thank you



Wilfredo González Vidal

First Deputy Minister

President of the Organizing Committee of Informática 2024

Platinum Sponsor 25 000. 00 USD + Especial Contribution

This category includes the following benefits to promote your brand, products and services:

  • Inclusion of the Sponsor’s identity in the materials, documents and official announcements issued by the Organizing Committee, upon receipt of said identity in the agreed format and within the agreed time period.
  • Sponsor’s advertisement on the event’s website and social media, classified in the agreed category, including the corporate logo with a link to the Sponsor’s official website.
  • Brand presence in the official list of sponsors of the event.
  • Projecting the logo before the start of each activity, including the agreed category.
  • Projecting the Sponsor’s advertising commercial on the audiovisual supports located in the event’s halls.
  • Placement of advertising posters of the Sponsor in the rooms of the event (on-site or online).
  • A space in the event’s schedule to make a presentation (up to 20 minutes) to participants about the Sponsor’s products, solutions or technologies.
  • A press release making reference to the Sponsor’s participation in the event.
  • Appreciation and acknowledgment messages for becoming a Platinum Sponsor during the event’s opening and closing ceremonies.

The following benefits are granted to those who become Sponsors in this Category:

  • Being a speaker at a scientific event of the Convention.
  • 27m2 (square meters) area for their stand (without assembling services) in the main hall of the PABEXPO fairgrounds.
  • Four (4) invitations to the opening and closing ceremonies of the 19th edition of the International Convention and Fair “Informática 2024.”
  • A 5-minute space on live Internet or TV broadcasting, where an advertising commercial or other materials (containing scientific-technical and commercial information) can be shown.
  • Live interview on the Internet.
  • Official diploma certifying the sponsorship category.

Additional benefits:

  • Two (2) courtesy dinner invitations.
  • Four (4) invitations to the welcome cocktail.
  • Lodging for two (2) executives in a hotel in Havana.

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How to take part?

Informática 2024 conceives the possibility of participation in the face-to-face and online modalities at its Scientific Convention and virtually at the Exhibition Fair.

Know the forms of participation in each one.