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Conference: Continuous training in software companies, grow your human resources while they are productive

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17 de January de 2024

Continuous training in software companies, grow your human resources while they are productive, Dr.Sc. Edistio Yoel Verdecia Martínez, Cuba. Proposal for a conference which will take place in the sessions of 8th International Workshop “ICT in Organizational Management”, at the International Convention and Fair Informática 2024.

Companies involved in the production of software and IT services work in an environment in which the technologies they use are developing at an accelerated pace. This is why it is necessary to have a system that allows keeping human resources updated. This process of continuous training from the workplace not only affects the training that is provided at the level of courses, but also the transmission of knowledge that is generated within the software development process, the way in which this transmission is managed and the tangible results that it provides, must be important. It is necessary then to propose ways of doing in order to have a system of actions that allows, among other elements, to incorporate new personnel, to update those who are already part of the organization and in this process to incorporate the different forms that a continuous training process can acquire from the production.

The purpose of the 8th International Workshop “ICT in Organizational Management”, to provide an appropriate framework for participants to learn and share the best experiences in the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the management of organizations. For this reason, all those with best practices that help to promote digital transformation in companies and other entities are invited to attend this workshop. It has three main thematic areas: digital transformation of the entities, generation and safe exploitation of technologies, and management of knowledge and innovation in organizations. The content and development of the workshop is organized by a Scientific Committee made up of representatives of the most important universities and companies that develop IT solutions in the country, and we will be attended by prestigious Cuban and foreign specialists who will participate as speakers, lecturers and analysts in the round tables and panels.



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Informática 2024 conceives the possibility of participation in the face-to-face and online modalities at its Scientific Convention and virtually at the Exhibition Fair.

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