Informatics Havana 2022

5th University-Enterprise Workshop on ICTs (UNIEMPRES 2024)


To analyze the challenges and perspectives of the relationship between universities and enterprises in the Information Technology and Telecommunications sector, in order to improve the training of human resources, scientific research and innovation to support the digital transformation process.

Thematic Areas

  • Importance of technology monitoring, knowledge dissemination and foreign investment in the ICT sector.
  • Intangible assets as the main resource. Human capital training. Support for undergraduate education, training, role certification, and postgraduate training in enterprises and universities.
  • The basic organization of research, development and innovation through projects and contracts. The importance of planning. Relevant science, technology and innovation programs. Support from international projects.
  • Entrepreneurship as a key factor in business and university management. The role of technical advisory committees. The direct participation of specialists in the identification of effective demands.
  • Business models. Concept of productivity in the Knowledge Economy. Software protection and commercialization. Organizational forms to dynamize science in the new Cuban regulatory context.

How to take part?

Informática 2024 conceives the possibility of participation in the face-to-face and online modalities at its Scientific Convention and virtually at the Exhibition Fair.

Know the forms of participation in each one.