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Conference: NTRIP GNSS service in Cuba, perspectives and challenges

Tomado de / Autor: Dirección de Comunicación Institucional
13 de November de 2023

“NTRIP GNSS service in Cuba, perspectives and challenges”, by Dr. Sc. Jorge García Díaz, a conference proposal that will take place during the sessions of the 13th International Geomatics Congress, at the International Convention and Fair Informática 2024.

This conference will present the results obtained in Cuba, during the recent development and implementation of a National NTRIP GNSS geodetic service from the GNSS continuous stations operating in the country. It will portray with examples the impact of the service for the terrestrial, maritime and aerial positioning in real time and with precision; which is necessary in some prioritized sectors of the national economy. It will highlight the prospects for the application of the service and the existing challenges to continue expanding it both in Cuba and for the nearest Caribbean countries.

The 13th International Congress on Geomatics will be aimed at presenting the main achievements in the field of Geomatics in Cuba and updating the state-of-the-art of the activity with international trends; promoting scientific exchange among our specialists and experts from Latin America, the Caribbean and other countries with great development in this field. It will also serve the purpose of strengthening our relations with prestigious international organizations, universities and companies, all leaders in the field of Geomatics, to discuss experiences, improve our processes, increase efficiency and promote business opportunities.




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