Informatics Havana 2022

Conference/Panel: Intellectual Property in Software Creation

Tomado de / Autor: Institutional Communication Office
27 de November de 2023

“Intellectual Property in Software Creation”, por Dr. C. Marco Mariscal Moraza, from Spain, propuesta de conferencia/panel, proposal for a conference/panel, which will take place in the sessions of 2nd International Workshop “Software Industry: tendencies and good practices”, at the International Convention and Fair Informática 2024.

Sharing the legal relations and practical experiences of intellectual property in the software industry, from a European perspective.

The Software Industry is a High Technology Industry that, with dynamic and constant technological leaps, sets an important dynamic in the development of Information and Communication Technologies. The debate regarding its development models, technological foundations, business models and intellectual property management is necessary to achieve a more significant impact on the economic development of nations. The workshop promotes the deepening of the internal complexities of the industry, from a vision of science and innovation and its influence on the digital transformation.


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